120 MW GFP In Mozambique

Mobilization, Interconnection, Local Staff Training, Advanced O&M Techniques Implementation
Total installed capacity: 120 MW
Location: Maputo, Mozambique
Brief: Mobilization, Operations and Maintenance


About Project

The client needed to move the plant to its current position; they needed the plant to meet special requirements to be interconnected to the country circuit. The client also needed well trained personal in safety operation and maintenance procedures.


Our Client’s Challenge

They need the plant to be intalled and running complaying with all new internactional environmental standards in a very limited time.


Our Approach

After studying the installation area, we suggested the required changes. Our team of engineers was sent to install the plant. Local personal was selected and trained to comply with national employment laws.



We were able to meet the installation time and budget. All installations meet international standards of environmental protection.  Highly trained personal operate and maintenance the plant under strict supervision.