48 MW Power Ship in Mombasa, Kenya

Inspect generator, install new control system, overhaul pumps, motors and auxiliary system, barge corrosion control
Total installed capacity:  48 MW
Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Brief: Rehabilitate Gas turbine power barge.


About Project

The project was to rehabilitate a 48 MW gas turbine power barge, including motor, generator. Every single pump and control needed to be inspected to guaranty everything works perfect for new decade, even the barge body needed corrosive treatment.


Our Client’s Challenge

The client needed to rehabilitate a 48 MW gas turbine power barge, generator needed to be inspected and rehabilitate, control system needed to be replace, pumps needed overhaul, the motor, auxiliary systems and the barge needed especial treatment as well.


Our Approach

We brought in the necessary staff to overhaul the gas turbine to zero hours, inspect the generator, install a new control system, overhaul every pump motor and auxiliary system on the barge as well as corrosion control, and performed a successful two hour no load test of the turbine.



We deliver a fully barge on time and under original budget.