70 MW HFO In Dominican Republic

Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training
Total installed capacity: 70MW
Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Rep.
Brief: Operations and Maintenance Management


About Project

The plant was almost out of operation due to lack of properly maintenance for several years. The plant needed rehabilitation work to restore original capacity without going out of operation for long time. The staff needed to be trained with international O&M procedures.


Our Client’s Challenge

With a limited time and budget the client needed the plant to increase production and to be rehabilitated without going out of production.


Our Approach

After analyzing the plant status, we set new procedures that allow us to rehabilitate the plant while operating and avoid significant future lost.



Millions where saved in potential breakdowns. Plant was rehabilitated to deliver the capacity it was made for.

Local staff was trained in new ISO operations and maintenance safety procedures.

Required changes were made to meet highest environmental standards.