120 MW CCGT In Argentina

Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training
Total installed capacity:  120 MW
Location: Rivadavia, Argentina
Brief: Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training


About Project

The project has converted General Electric 6551B gas turbines operating in open cycle mode with 76 MW of net installed capacity to combined cycle operation. This involved the installation of two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) that utilize the waste heat from the gas turbine to raise steam. The steam issued to generate electricity using a steam turbine.

The project resulted in approximately 73% efficiency increase of the plant. In order fully to harness the capacity of the new steam turbine, the project also includes gas over-firing in the steam turbine with a consequent increase of the effective capacity at the project site.


Our Client’s Challenge

The client faced the choice of not been dispatched and shutting down the plant or converting to CCGT.

The cost for CCGT conversion using a new steam turbine when compare with the capacity paying levels available from the domestic Argentine power market were prohibited.


Our Approach

After studding the case we recommended buying a second hand CCGT turbine. With few expertise engineering changes and modifications we were able to convert the plant to CCGT and make a 73% efficiency incensement.



We deliver a 73% efficiency incensement. The project was successfully completed in time and under budget.

Local staff was trained in O&M best practice procedures. The plant keeps performing very well after years in production.