Operations and Maintenance

Let Energy Experts Now and their proven plant management systems operate and maintain your power facility. From Mobilization to end of life, we can ensure your asset provides the expected returns.

O&M Service ´´ The Top 20´´

1. Completion of staffing and total management of the facility operations and maintenance, including storage and care of all owner assets; Plant staff can be the owner’s staff, trained, administered and managed by us if so desired.

2.Management fuel receiving, theft control, analysis, treating, storage and transfer (less fuel analysis laboratory expenses).

3. A plan for Thermal Imaging of all power plant electrical components and electrical systems, vibration analysis and other predictive maintenance tools.

4.Management and analysis of water systems and all lab and testing equipment.

5.Management of effluent materials, sludge, lube oil and oily water.

6.Implementation of a comprehensive CMMS (Computer-Based Maintenance Management System).

7. Development and implementation of comprehensive and continual performance monitoring, inventory and work order systems and a predictive maintenance program as part of point # 6 above.

8.Development and implementation of comprehensive and ongoing safety, management and technical training programs that are designed for extensive evaluation methods.

9.Operation and Maintenance of the generating units and all balance-of-plant systems, in accordance with OEM recommendations and U.S. operating standards. If plant operating procedures are not up to international standards when assuming care, custody and control of existing facilities, we will make recommendations to the owner so that they will comply.

10. Operation of the plant to world-class standards obeying all local requirements for safety, environmental and labor issues.


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