Solar Power (clean energy)

We deliver turnkey solutions from design to commissioning

We deliver turnkey solutions from design to commissioning

Energy Experts Now leverage various clean energy technologies to provide solutions that help our customers reduce fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions. We provide advanced solar power solutions manage by ultimate generation technology.

Acting as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution, Energy Experts Now provides electricity to households, businesses and communities dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult-to-maintain power sources. For our modular solutions we make use of the latest and most advanced but bankable technologies of solar power generation (ground or roof-mounted) and a variety of energy storage solutions in order to ensure power availability throughout the day or even under cloudy conditions or during night-time.


The sun2safe is a highly flexible energy management system capable of combining with every power production solution – be it environment-friendly sources of energy such as the sun or the grid as well as other means of energy generation such as diesel generators. The sun2safe in any case ensures a predictable energy supply for customers.

  • Photovoltaic à eco-friendly and reliable power supply
  • Grid à energy supply even during cloudy days
  • Generator / Hybrid concepts à perfectly suitable for remote areas or instable grids
  • Battery à permanent energy supply, no loss of energy

Homeowners as well as companies and organisations can benefit from the intelligent energy management system and become independent from the general power supply achieving an optimal and efficient energy consumption and storage.

Features & benefits

sun2safe is an easy installable and controllable energy management system offering a sustainable and reliable power supply. Additionally, it ensures that the produced energy is transferred to the point of need without interruptions, with the option to store in the integrated battery or feed into the grid any generated energy surplus. The system allows for a predictable energy input as well as immediate and long-term cost savings through its special features:

  • Battery charger with PV input and two independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) channels
  • Inverter with pure sinusoidal output, powered by battery or AC line
  • Microprocessor unit with integrated communication facilities (WiFi, wired and via mobile networks) for management and continuous optimisation of energy uses
  • 7” display for a simple parameter consultation (all information about the system are also displayed by remote and WEB.)
  • Storage capacity: 10 kWh – 500 kWh

To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to utilise clean energy sources as well as to administrate the produced energy intelligently.  Our sun2safe energy management system guarantees regular and close insight into the power production, in addition to an optimal supervision of the power consumption through its special and optional remote monitoring tool sun2see. Equipped with high performance batteries, this efficient concept ensures a steady and reliable energy supply even during cloudy days or in cases of blackouts, by offering the following benefits:
  • Charging the batteries using PV energy or AC line (grid or genset)
  • Supplying or supplementing the loads with the energy stored in the batteries when PV power is insufficient or absent
  • Providing energy to the point of need without interruptions
  • Keeping PV live by removing the need for a counter current (black start capability)
  • Ensuring no loss of produced energy by jointly charging the batteries and powering the equipment
  • Continuous insight into critical equipment and environmental conditions through intelligent controls, real-time metering, production and power usage statistics and enhanced monitoring devices
  • Swiss-designed & German-engineered

Components of the sun2safe energy management system

  • Battery charger with two PV ports and independent MPPT tracking channels
  • Inverter with pure sinusoidal output, powered by battery or AC line (single or three-phase depending on the chosen model)
  • Auto reset Function without external kick start necessity (black start)
  • 7” display for simple parameter consultation. All the information about the system can be additionally displayed remote, WEB and GSM.
  • Simple installation, monitoring and control
  • Extendable and stackable modular solution made to fit individual needs


  • Max nominal Power PV: Models available from 3 to 50 kWp (customised solutions designable for more than 50 kWp)
  • Accepted PV Voltage (Vdc max): 400 Vdc
  • MPPT Tracker: Two
  • Generator Voltage AC: 230/400 V +/- 15 % (depending on models)
  • Battery Voltage Nominal: 240 Vdc
  • Accepted Battery Voltage: 200 – 290 Vdc
  • Connection: Hard Wired


  • Nominal Output Power: Models available from 4 to 50 KVA (customised solutions designable for more than 50 KVA)
  • Output Voltage AC: 230/400 Vac – 50 Hz depending on models
  • Output Voltage Stability: +/- 0,5 %
  • Efficiency: Up to 98 %
  • Output THD: < 3 %
  • Overload: (150 % Inom 30 sec.)
  • Connection: Hard wired
  • Bypass: Automatic and Manual
Batteries to be combined with the sun2safe energy management system

  • Type of battery: Gel or Flooded Lead Acid (Lithium based batteries subject to an upgrade kit)
  • Backup Capacity: Up to 15 kWh internal – Extendable with additional battery cabinet(s)


  • Display LCD: Touch-Screen 7” on the front panel with real-time information and statistics
  • Interface: Ethernet Interface with Web Server GSM – Mobile or SAT telephone link


All types of modules can be used according to their specifications.

Physical characteristics

  • Electronic Cabinet Size: depending on models
  • Battery Cabinet Size: 800 (W) x 650 (D) x 1.600 (H) mm (or multiples)
  • Protection: PV Breaker – Battery Breaker – AC Output Breaker – AC Input Breaker
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 °C
  • Cooling: Fan activated
  • Protection Degree: IP 21
  • Audible noise: < 45 dB (A) at 1m distance

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