Designed to reduce your electricity bill

Finally got the kit pricing done makes it easy see what you need.

Look at the kwh used per month from your electrical bill then pick your kit of 5, 7, 10 or 15 kw for shaving off the usage and reducing your electric bill.

These kits do not back-feed to the grid, they are designed to reduce your electric bill around 60 – 70 percent. No approval from CDE or EDE’s needed.

All top quality German/Austrian engineered products. Panels are an attractive “all black” design with 50 MM frames to withstand hurricane force winds and have performance guarantees of up to 75 % after 35 years , 10 years more than most others.

Inverters are Fronius, consistently rated in the top 5 manufacturers of solar inverters worldwide so you can rest easy knowing your solar system will last a lifetime. We sell quality.

EEN Solar Diital Brochure / EEN Brochure For Print


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