Mobile Disinfection Chamber


When many persons gather in one place, together with sick and virus carrying persons, it can lead to spread of infections and other transmittable diseases. However, it must be noted that objects can, and often do carry germs and bacteria as well. Therefore, disinfection is an important hygiene measure that is used to kill or inactivate viruses, pathogens, germs or bacteria.

Taking into consideration the current worldwide corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, it becomes clear that full body disinfection measures are indispensable in medical practices and clinics, even in the businesses, education or any other place where people gather. The sun2MobiDes mobile disinfection container can be delivered and placed at short notice and almost anywhere. The Energy Experts Now solar generation and energy storage system secures uninterrupted power supply for continuous operation and thereby service.


  • Full disinfection with fogging nozzle system
  • Room system with two integrated hygiene locks
  • Spray nozzles for optimal distribution
  • sun2safe solar generation and energy storage system
  • Complete solution, ready for immediate use


1. Full body disinfection in 60 seconds

2. Persons gather in front of the entrance – Entry to the disinfection container

(if required protective glasses are worn)

3. System starts at the push of a button
(red signal appears at the traffic light system)

4. Entry to the disinfection area within 10 sec.
Position/Foot marks (floor marks)

5. Start of disinfection by spray
< 60 seconds incl. post processing time

6. Traffic light system switches to green

7. Exit from the disinfection area
Entry into the white area (disinfected)

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