Portfolio Category: Power Plant

Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training
Puerto Plata

70 MW HFO In Dominican Republic

Total installed capacity: 70MW Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Rep. Brief: Operations and Maintenance Management   About Project The plant was almost out of operation due to lack of properly maintenance for several years. The plant needed rehabilitation work to restore original capacity without going out of operation for long time. The staff needed to be […]
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120 MW GFP In Mozambique

Total installed capacity: 120 MW Location: Maputo, Mozambique Brief: Mobilization, Operations and Maintenance   About Project The client needed to move the plant to its current position; they needed the plant to meet special requirements to be interconnected to the country circuit. The client also needed well trained personal in safety operation and maintenance procedures.   Our […]
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120 MW CCGT In Argentina

Total installed capacity:  120 MW Location: Rivadavia, Argentina Brief: Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training   About Project The project has converted General Electric 6551B gas turbines operating in open cycle mode with 76 MW of net installed capacity to combined cycle operation. This involved the installation of two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) that […]
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750 MW CCGT For Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Total installed capacity: 750 MW Location: Sulaymaniyah, Iraq Brief: Construction Inspection, Staff training and O&M Procedures Implementation   About Project The scope of the work covers management of all engineering, design, procurement, manufacturing, shipment/ delivery, construction, installation, testing, interconnection, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, demonstration of operation with the grid at the required net output and performance […]
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