Portfolio Category: Power Ship

Mobilization, Operations and Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, CMMS Implementation, Trainings

625 MW in Instanbull, Turkey

Total installed capacity: 625 MW Location: Istanbul, Turkey Brief: Mobilization, Operations and Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, CMMS Implementation, Trainings   About Project Power ships KPS1, KPS3, KPS4 and KP5 Complete Mobilization to specific site drawings, Create system description manual, operation and maintenance procedures implementation, computers maintenance and management system. CMMS implementation support, administrative manuals set and […]
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103 MW Power Ship In Venezuela

Total installed capacity:  103.5 MW Location: Venezuela Brief: Interconnection, O&M Implementation, Local Staff Training   About Project This was an emergency project to provide electricity where there was a need to reinforce the generator sector since a severe drought cause by the “El niño” environmental phenomenon , affected the  hydroelectric production in Venezuela.     […]
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40 MW CCGT In Samana, Dominican Rep.

Total installed capacity: 40 MW Location: Samana, Dominican Rep. Brief: Overhaul rehabilitation of barge and all BOP equipment, build new controls, prepare for sea voyage.   About Project The scope of the work covers complete overhaul rehabilitation of power barge, overhaul every single BOP equipment, new controls system and prepare the barge for sea voyage.   […]
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48 MW Power Ship in Mombasa, Kenya

Total installed capacity:  48 MW Location: Mombasa, Kenya Brief: Rehabilitate Gas turbine power barge.   About Project The project was to rehabilitate a 48 MW gas turbine power barge, including motor, generator. Every single pump and control needed to be inspected to guaranty everything works perfect for new decade, even the barge body needed corrosive […]
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